The medical sector to take action due to not receiving payments

The medical sector to take action due to not receiving payments
Date: 1.9.2021 14:00

Companies that sell medical and medical devices to public and university hospitals have been waiting to receive the payments they deserve since October. The sector decided to organize a march in Ankara.

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Some companies, which accepted the 25% waiver requirement introduced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in October 2020, received their payments in two installments. No payment was made to companies that did not waive and continued to supply. Against this situation, the amount that the sector will receive from the Ministry of Health continued to increase day by day and reached 6 billion TL. Domestic companies, on the other hand, decided to take action in Ankara against this debt situation. The action they will take in Ankara will be the second action of the sector.
Underlining that companies that supply medical and medical devices to public and university hospitals have provided all necessary support since the beginning of the pandemic, TÜMDEF Vice President Erkin Delikanlı said, "The sector, which has always stood by its hometown during the earthquake, flood and fire disaster, has done its part. In order not to interrupt the supply chain, he continued his consumable support with all his effort, without changing the filter in the intensive care units, despite everything, especially in the fight against the pandemic. It has been waived, its prices have not been updated, but it has not cut the service. We have always warned, but we could not attract the attention of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca."


Noting that they always warn, Delikanlı emphasized the need for a political intervention in the process, "We applied for permission to the governor's office. We decided to take action where deemed appropriate. If permission is not given, we will take action within the framework of our constitutional rights. Our plan also includes laying a black wreath in front of the Ministry of Health, he added.


The economic problems of companies that supply medical products to public hospitals still continue. On October 4, 2020, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance imposed a requirement for companies to waive 25 percent of their receivables until that day. After the pressure to waive the companies by the Ministry, some medical companies agreed to waive and received their receivables 25 percent less and in two installments until that day. However, in the 10-month period after the waiver crisis, new purchases made by the public were not paid. While no payment was made for the new products purchased in the 11-month period from October 2020 until today, the sector's amount to be received from the state has reached 6 billion TL.


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