The new logo for 'Made in Turkey' products!

The new logo for Made in Turkey products!
Date: 18.9.2018 17:00

The Ministry of Commerce has taken the first step to use different logos in order to recognize local products. Price tag produce a regulation amending regulations in place for goods identified by the ministry declared that Turkey and the way was foreseen the use of logo or sign.

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Determined by the Official Gazette published in today's issue of the decision of the Ministry of Commerce for products produced in Turkey logo, shape or mark will be used.
According to the regulation on the amendment of the price tag regulation, the label shall include the sales price of the goods and the date on which the unit price is applied.
Here is that regulation:
ARTICLE 1 - The following paragraphs have been added to the second paragraph of Article 5 of the Price Label Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 28/6/2014 and numbered 29044.
d) the date of the sale of the good and the date on which the unit price is applied,
e) Production place for goods identified by the Ministry and Turkey declared shape, logo or mark. 
ARTICLE 2 - In the first paragraph of Article 9 of the same Regulation, the terms "tariffs and price lists" are added to come after the words "labels".
ARTICLE 3 - This Regulation shall enter into force fifteen days after its publication.
ARTICLE 4 - The provisions of this Regulation shall be executed by the Minister of Trade.


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