The plan that aims to usurp Palestine territory: “Deal of the Century”

The plan that aims to usurp Palestine territory: “Deal of the Century”
Date: 22.5.2020 11:00

The "Deal of the Century", which announced on January 28, 2020, is the so-called peace plan proposed by the Trump administration allegedly to end the clashes in the Middle East.

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The plan was authored by a team led by Senior Advisor to The President of the United States Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Trump.
The plan, dubbed the deal of the century, aims at the status of Palestinian refugees, the international status of Jerusalem and the seizure of the West Bank.
The plan prioritizes zionists’ interests over Palestinian rights, ignores fundamental principles of inter­national law, and envisages to usurp all Palestine territory.
Status of Jerusalem and holy sites
As Trump himself stated, he took Jerusalem off the table. The plan denied the Palestinians sovereignty over central neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. The Arabs in Jerusalem will be transferred to the new Palestinian state.
The plan gives the entirety of "undivided Jerusalem" to zionist gangs, recognizing it as their capital. The Palestinians would get neighborhoods in the outer portions of eastern Jerusalem beyond the zionists' Israeli West Bank barrier, including Kafr 'Aqap, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis.
The plan puts the Al-Aqsa mosque under zionists' sovereignty. It calls for the status quo to be maintained. The plan rejects Palestinian claims to Haram al-Sharif, instead keeping it under Jordanian custodianship. The plan give zionist gangs the task of safeguarding the Holy Sites and guaranteeing freedom of worship.
Palestinian refugees
Palestinian refugees lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict. The plan does not address the right of return for the nearly 6 million Palestinian refugees displaced by the occupying Israel.
The plan gives the Palestinians an entity in which they can live in areas A, B and part of C according to the classification of the Oslo agreement. The occupied Jordan Valley and illegal settlements will remain under Zionist control, amounting to 60 per cent of the West Bank. Thus, Palestine state would consist of isolated cantons, surrounded by barriers and side roads, with neither weapons to defend itself nor sovereignty.
Gazans would be relocated to the Sinai Peninsula 
The plan gives Palestinians about 70% of the West Bank. The plan called for land swaps, but dismissed the idea of "1-to-1 land swaps", arguing Palestinians would not receive 100 percent of pre-1967 territory, but provided for territory that would be "reasonably comparable" to pre-1967 territory. In exchange for zionist gangs' annexing parts of the West Bank, the Palestinians would parts of the Negev Desert; these parts in the Negev would be disconnected from much of the Palestinian state. The Trump plan gives Palestinians less territory than previous proposals.
The plan gives the entire Jordan Valley to zionist gangs. Zionist gangs regards the valley as militarily strategic. Palestinians regard the valley as important for agriculture. The valley also allows Palestinians access to the River Jordan, which irrigates 80,000 hectares of agricultural land in the West Bank; giving Israel the valley would allow it to divert that water for its own use. Gaza to be part of State of Palestine only after achievement of the "Gaza Criteria."
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States would fund the "Deal of the Century"
The plan has economic aspects that are worth $50 billion. This money is allegedly to be used for the development of economic projects in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States have pledged to pay these costs. Spending is divided into $26 billion in loans, $13.5 billion in grants, and $11 billion in private investment.
Palestine would not have an army
Hamas, PIJ, and all other militias and resistance groups in Gaza would be disarmed. Gaza is fully demilitarized. Hamas, at large (not only Gaza), must commit to the path of peace with the zionist state by adopting the Quartet principles, which include recognizing the zionist state, committing to nonviolence, and accepting previous agreements and obligations between the parties, including the disarming of all resistance groups.


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