The poverty line exceeded 20,000 lira in Turkey

The poverty line exceeded 20,000 lira in Turkey
Date: 29.6.2022 13:00

While the current minimum wage of 4,253 TL is 2,000 TL below the hunger limit, the increased minimum wage is not expected to be above this "limit".

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The Minimum Wage Determination Commission is meeting today to make a second increase in the minimum wage, which has experienced a great meltdown due to the negativities in the economy.
While the parties will work to determine the new minimum wage figure, interest in the Commission has increased due to the hunger and poverty line results announced yesterday.
According to the results of the hunger and poverty line announced by the "Türk-İş" Confederation in June, the hunger limit for a family of four rose to 6,391 TL, and the poverty line to 8,818 TL.
The cost of living for a single employee was recorded as 8,313 TL.
Considering these figures, it has already come to light that the new minimum wage, which is expected to be between 5,000 and 5,500 TL, will not be a panacea.


The research, which also included data on kitchen inflation, revealed how much the fire in the kitchen had grown.
According to the results of the research, the increase in the minimum expenditure amount for food for a family of four living in Ankara was 6.2 percent compared to the previous month.
As of the last twelve months, the rate of increase was calculated as 117.29 percent. The six wow change rate was 55.96 percent.


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