The poverty line towards 9 thousand liras in Turkey

The poverty line towards 9 thousand liras in Turkey
Date: 29.1.2021 14:00

According to the figures of hunger and poverty published by Türk-İş labour union, the poverty line for a family of four rose to 8,638 TL, while the hunger line rose to 2,652 TL.

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Türk-İş, which reveals important data regarding the living conditions of the citizens with the figures of hunger and poverty announced every month, shared the figures for January with the public. 
According to the figures announced, the hunger limit for a family of 4 rose to 2,652 lira and the poverty line to 8,638 lira. The "cost of living" of a single employee was calculated as 3,222 lira per month.
According to the results of the research, which is recorded that the minimum amount of food expenditure for a family of four has increased by 2.39 percent compared to the previous month, the rate of increase in food inflation in the last twelve months was 19.48 percent. The high price increases in the milk, yoghurt and cheese group were the main reason for the additional cost to kitchen expenditure this month.


The most striking item regarding kitchen expenditures in the research was the figures about sunflower oil, which has become untouched with the increase in recent days. In the research, which was stated that the increase in sunflower oil had a great repercussion in the public, 1 liter of sunflower oil was recorded as 17.90 TL.


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