The product of the 'Great Middle East Project'

The product of the Great Middle East Project
Date: 11.2.2018 17:30

After Iraq and Syria were divided and disintegrated within the scope of the project, Israel began to rush as it wished for the region. Israel dropped Iranian Drone ... Syria destroyed the Israeli plane ... Israel bombed Damascus ...

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Israel's terrorist steps are turning the region into a fireball ... A missile launched by Syria after the Zionist soldiers dropped Iran's unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria dropped Israeli F-16. Shortly thereafter, bombs were heard in Damascus as the pilot of the plane fell to the Israeli side and was severely wounded. Qatar Al Hudedi Air Base, the largest military base in the region, was alarmed for the first time after many years.


Damascus, Humus and Dera'a AA reporters report, according to the attack of Israeli war planes near the palace of Bashar al-Assad 6 big bang came to the scene. In addition, the 104th Brigade west of Damascus, the arsenal of Cebel Manaa, the Dimas military points, the T4 air base in Humus and the targets in the Cibab region in the south of the country were shot by Israeli war planes.


Two pilots who survived the Israeli war planes who were targeted and dropped by anti-aircrafts in Syria attacked were removed from the Rambam Hospital in Haifa and one of the survivors of the situation was serious, while the other pilot was said to be slightly injured.


After the Israeli war plane, which attacked Syria, was dropped, the Tel Aviv government shut down the airspace for 15 minutes to all flights.


Hussein Selami from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards used the phrase "Israel is a liar, we do not trust any explanation what they are doing". Selami said that Iran could hit all the US bases in the region.
Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria announced that Israeli attacks continued after the fall of the Israeli war plane. SANA, the news agency of the Assad regime, said Israeli jets were attacking some Iranian targets in Syria early in the morning. The report, based on military sources, reported that Israel attacked a military base in the middle of the country and that the air defense system shot more than one plane. In the news, it was announced that the attacks continued. Israel, in Syria, "Iran targets" during the attack on the jet while targeting the anti-aircraft fire, and an F-16 announced that the fall.
In a written statement made by the Israeli army, "an Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicle from Syria, the army wanted to enter the Israeli territory was reduced. During the attack, anti-aircraft guns targeted Israeli jets. One of our jets was down."
It was reported that the situation of one of the two pilots who survived the fall of the Israeli war plane targeted by the anti-aircraft officers during the attack on Syria was reportedly heavy. In the explanations, it is expressed that the location of the falling war plane is not known and it is investigated. The Israeli army had previously attacked "Iranian targets" in Syria and announced that its jets were targeted by anti-aircraft fire and that an F-16 had fallen. "An Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicle from Syria was dropped by the army, trying to enter the Israeli territory. In contrast, our fighter planes hit some Iranian targets in Syria. During the attack, anti-aircraft guns targeted Israeli jets. One of our jets is down. We see the Iranian attack and Syria's provision as a violation of Israel's sovereignty. The Israeli army is watching the events, according to the assessments and obligations are ready for all operations."
After the Israeli war plane, which attacked Syria, was dropped, the Tel Aviv government shut down the airspace for 15 minutes to all flights. Lisa Drir, the spokesman for the Israeli Airport Authority, told AA correspondent, "The Israeli airfield was opened after it was closed to all flights for 15 minutes. Now everything is going on in normal operation. The airspace in the northern part of Israel is still closed. "


The Israeli army announced that it had launched a new air strike targeting the Syrian regime and Iranian targets after the war plane was dropped in the morning hours. In the statement made by the army, Israeli jets were said to have shot 12 targets in Syria. In the statement, "the three air defense systems of the Assad regime and four military bases belonging to Iran" were recorded among the shooting locations.
On the other hand, it was stated that the anti-aircraft fire was opened by Syria and the siren was stolen in the north of Israel. The statement also said, "The Israeli army is ready for the whole scenario and will act according to the situation assessments."


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