The prohibition could not prevent video from reaching millions of people!

The prohibition could not prevent video from reaching millions of people!
Date: 8.2.2019 12:00

The prohibition by ruling AKP could not prevent video prepared by Saadet Party from reaching millions of people!

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Sülün Osman, which was broadcasted in theaters and cinemas by Saadet Party, was removed due to pressures!
Saadet Party took part in commercial film titled 'Sülün Osman' which was prepared by citing a real story before the movie 'Organize İşler 2' which was released on 1 February.
Sülün Osman known as a person who sold Galata tower to people with money. 
Karamollaoğlu, who pointed out that Saadet Party's advertisement of Sülün Osman, which was shown before the Organized İşler film which was released in the cinemas, was removed with the pressure and threat, I didn't understand why the government was afraid of Sülün Osman. They put pressure on advertising agencies and they removed our ad. We're talking about a selection environment that needs to be fair. Sülün Osman ad was shown before the film. We agreed. It was abolished by the government. We're not talking about any party. They were taken on them, we couldn't understand. We did this to impress the electorate, but I think the government was affected, he said.
Sülün Osman ad film took place on Turkey's agenda. Hundreds of thousands of people shared the most talked about topic on social media. Only on the first day of sharing, 30 thousand comments were made on Twitter by Sülün Osman. Saadet Party official Twitter on the share of the share of more than 2 million people watched. Other social media accounts in the agenda Sülün Osman, from 7 to 70 in everyone's tounge.


Sülün Osman in social media also attracted the users.
Here are the comments:
Those who cannot tolerate their own ads for two days. The fact that this nation has tolerated it for 17 years should be well questioned.
In this commercial, make sure that they do not arrest the person who plays the character # SulunOsman. It is not science to treat the people like hatred and enmity.
”The AKP regretted that it has removed the movie Sülün Osman because it has been on Twitter for the last few days.“


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