The UK settling in Cyprus!

The UK settling in Cyprus!
Date: 10.4.2019 11:00

The survival issue that linked to the local election in Turkey, is being exprerienced in Cyprus.

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Turkey and the TRNC drop off in the Western states, especially Israel, which now moves on moves in Cyprus was added to the UK. 
England is increasing its military presence on the Island. 
A memorandum signed by London Defense Minister SavvasAngelidis and his British counterpart Gavin Williams on April 4 will place 121 F-35B fighter planes on the Island. 
The number of British fighter jets in Cyprus will increase to 138 with new future aircraft. All balances in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean to change policies against Turkey and the TRNC quiet Ankara against abnormal build-up ...
Underground resources in Turkey and the TRNC disable the eastern Mediterranean basin which want to move on to the fait accompli moves from Western governments. On the island, many European states, especially Israel and Israel, try every way to usurp the vested rights of Turks. Finally, Britain is increasing its military presence in Cyprus. 121 F-35B fighter aircraft belonging to the UK Air Force will arrive at the Ağrotur Base in Cyprus in the autumn.
The number of F-35B fighter jets will be increased to 138 in the UK. On April 4, a memorandum was signed between Greek Defense Minister SavavAngelidis and his British counterpart Gavin Williams on the settlement of the planes in Cyprus. 
Following the signing of the memorandum by the two Ministers, it was decided to deploy the F-35B warplanes to Cyprus. According to the reports given by the Greek media in a broad way; planes will be brought to Ağrotur Base which is actively used in operations in Middle East, especially in Syria.
The Greek media evaluated the agreement with the UK as "an important agreement that strengthens the deep defense links between the two countries." 
Speaking about the deal, Greek Defense Minister Angelidis said, ’The transformation of the Eastern Mediterranean into a region of stability, security, development and prosperity from a conflict zone is the strategy of the Cyprus (Greek) Republic.
"Cyprus is a valuable partner and friend, and by signing this agreement, we have strengthened our close ties in the coming years," said the British Defense Minister Gavin Williams. Williamson said that the British base in Cyprus was used in operations, and that ’the flying planes in Cyprus played an important role in Syria.’


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