The United States increases its threats

The United States increases its threats
Date: 30.10.2018 15:00

The United States increased its threats before to imposing sanctions against Iran on November 5.

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US operations in the region for the security of Israel in the United States, 5 November, Iran, the threat to sanctions against Iran before the decision increased. The United States Department of State issued 12 conditions declaration, economic threats were made.
The US decision to impose sanctions on Iran is taking place on November 5th. The United States, which wants to ensure that Israel rides horses in the Middle East, imposes its imposition policies in the region. While the US does not want strong countries in the region against Israel, it is preparing for many sanctions against Iran, especially economic sanctions. The United States' 12 conditions declaration against Iran, the missile program, financial regulations, maritime and cyber security issues are remarkable.
The US State Department threatened to sanction Iran with each of the conditions under the terms of each of the conditions published, under the conditions of Iran, the country should continue to allow unconditional access to ongoing nuclear energy studies, he noted. Iran's missile dissemination must be terminated, "the use of nuclear-capable missile systems should stop the activities of further development and development" was included.
In the circumstances, the United States should be released in Iran, said the agents should be released, the following statements are noted: The Iranian regime should stop enrichment and never attempt to reproduce plutonium. This includes switching off the heavy water reactor. Explain the previous military dimensions of your nuclear program and put an end to these activities. Under the conditions stating that international companies should leave the Iranian market until November 4, threats to people and institutions operating with Iran were thwarted.


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