The United States threatens Turkey with new sanctions

The United States threatens Turkey with new sanctions
Date: 10.4.2019 16:00

US Congress, senior staff responsible for the arrest in Turkey of US citizens and US diplomatic missions in Turkey was presented with a bill proposing to impose sanctions on the Turkish authorities.

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The US administration was asked to impose sanctions on all senior Turkish officials responsible for unjust arrests, to ban them from entering the US and to freeze their assets in the US.
The bill was presented by Republican senator Roger Wicker and Democratic senator Ben Cardin to the Helsinki Commission, also known as the European Commission for Security and Cooperation in the US Congress.
According to BBC Turkish; US President bill from Donald Trump been asked to make a call to respect fundamental rights and freedoms in Turkey.
"Protect US citizens and diplomatic missions working draft of the 2019 political persecution" in the title of the draft text, which in Turkey is the victim of politically reasoned arrests of thousands of people was specified.
Senator Cardin's statement on "the Turkish government by American citizens and the US in unfair methods is that Turkey's citizens employed arrest and violation of human rights. The bill our Turkey would not tolerate the US to not years stubbornness in this case makes clear," he said.
Senator Roger Wicker in his presentation to the committee "US citizens were now more than 2 and a half years over the arrest Serkan Shadow of Turkey. Those two Americans since - Pastor Andrew Brunson and the US government running a local unsubstantiated charges of terrorism with al fake fines that At least two local officials working in our consulate in Istanbul are not convincing evidence for any culprit, but the process of being judged by political motivations is continuing. Turkish officials should immediately stop this harassment against our citizens and staff. Senator Wicker also wrote an article in the Washington Post on the arrests.
The signatories to the bill four other senators, one of the Republican Thom Tillis "Turkey is a step in the right direction last October, though Pastor Andrew Brunson is left free, Turkey to take more steps as a gesture of goodwill and to behave like a NATO ally" said.
After the 2017 banking crises between the detention of some officials working in diplomatic missions in the United States and Turkey are two countries, and Washington had suspended visa regime for mutual Ankara.
The detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson, in particular, further tightened the tension between the two countries. He was detained and arrested in December 2016 and released in October last year.
Turkey was imprisoned for no clear knowledge that the few US citizens but the BBC According to a survey conducted from Turkish Irem Koker's last August in custody in Turkey, the number of US citizens at least 6, the detainees consular employee. Again in August 2018 as the US According to the news, 12 American citizens and three local employees working in the diplomatic mission are under arrest.
Smiling structuring prosecuted under case concerning the Turkey-US dual citizen and NASA employees Serkan Shadow "terrorist organization from the membership," last year's 7 years and 6 months in prison is granted, the appeal result has turned the court a terrorist organization membership conviction to help the terrorist organization and the penalty had dropped to 5 years.
Last year, the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court decided to keep the detention of Metin Topuz, the liaison officer of the US Consulate General in Istanbul.


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