The US begins pulling equipment from Syria

The US begins pulling equipment from Syria
Date: 11.1.2019 13:00

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) claimed that some of the equipment in Syria had begun to be withdrawn.

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The US Department of Defense (Pentagon), Syria began to withdraw some of the equipment specified.
"I'm confirming that we started pulling some equipment out of Syria," an official who did not want his name to be announced, he said.
He refused to elaborate on what the equipment was taken because of operational concerns, or from which areas the equipment was picked up.
American CNN television, the US Central Forces Command (CENTCOM), claimed the ship and aircraft to be used in the withdrawal operation claimed.
The withdrawal process began after US President Donald Trump's decision on December 19, 2018.
Trump's decision prompted Jim Mattis to resign his position as Defense Minister.
Mattis had instructed the US military withdrawal process a few days before he stepped down on January 1st.


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