The US delivers two more F-35I AdIr to Israel

The US delivers two more F-35I AdIr to Israel
Date: 16.7.2019 14:00

While the S-400's installation phase was in progress, the US delivered two more F-35I AdIr aircraft to Israel. The planes landed at the Nevatim Military Base in the Negev Desert, south of Israel.

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Thus, the number of Israel's F-35 rose to 16. Three more F-35 aircraft will be delivered to Israel by the end of the year. Israel became the only country with an F-35 fleet after the US, while the Israeli Air Force began building a new and improved hangar of 4,000 square meters.
Shipment of F-35s to Israel continues. On Sunday, two more F-35I Adir aircraft landed at the Nevatim Military Base in southern Israel. Thus, the number of Israel's f-35 rose to 16. It is aimed to make all deliveries to Israel, which ordered 5024 F-35 aircraft from the manufacturer Lockheed Martin by 2024. In 2019, it is stated that 3 more F-35 aircraft will be delivered to Tel-Aviv management. The F-35s provide Israel with great military and psychological superiority.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently went to Nevatim Airbase and examined the F-35s, taking the F-35s behind him, Netanyahu made a statement and threatened Iran in front of the eyes of the whole world. Netanyahu sent messages over the F-35s not only to Iran but also to countries in the region. "Israel was the first country to use these aircraft in operations in 2016. Not only that, the Tel-Aviv administration has a lot of privileges and is the first in the F-35," he said.


Following the delivery of the F-35s, Israel will build new hangars worth $10 million, although much information is not shared for the time being, these hangars for the use of the F-35s will have advanced features. In our region, both military and psychological superiority of the F-35s addressing Israel, the sea makes you feel dominance. On Monday, the Israeli Navy entered the Lebanese territorial waters, reading all the warnings without knowing that it knows. While the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon shared the violation with the public, Israel did not even need to make a statement on the issue.


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