The US divided Turkey into two parts !

The US divided Turkey into two parts !
Date: 7.2.2019 13:00

Scandal map that shared by US minister which is divides Turkey from Antalya, up in the western part of Zonguldak.

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US Secretary of State Pompeo, shared a map over Venezuela including the map of Turkey showed divided. Disgrace map showing divided Turkey, was shown as the Hatay Syrian territory. The map as making the BOP project in mind, the dichotomy between Turkey on the map, "US aims new plan" has led to questions.
Many countries followed the United States after the US recognized itself as the president of South America's Venezuela, the coup leader Guaido, who declared itself a temporary president. While all these developments were taking place, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared a disgrace. Colorless map showing Turkey divided in two, while Hatay participating in the referendum were shown to our country as Syrian territory.
The USA, which wants to realize its dirty ambitions through our region, has caused blood and tears in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other countries with its plans to this day. The US finally pushed the button for its dirty plans against Turkey on July 15th. While all these developments are known, US Secretary of State Pompeo shared the o Maduro and Guaido supporting countries in Venezuela. The northern part of the map from Antalya in southern Turkey has divided the region up Zonguldak. The only divided country in the scandal drew attention to the fact that Turkey map. Drawing attention to Turkey took place many elements on the map. Hatay joined Turkey via Syria referendum drew attention to the earth as shown.
Turkey's two divisions on the map, "US aims new plan" it has led to questions. Previously the limit was changed to 22 countries, mainly in Turkey map released by the Pentagon. In the later stages, it was revealed that this plan was the Greater Middle East Project, and it was aimed to transform a large geography from Morocco to Afghanistan into micro-states. With this project, it was planned that the states that had been transformed into a little bite would not be a major obstacle in front of Israel.


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