The US heading for war with Iran

The US heading for war with Iran
Date: 20.5.2019 12:00

The US presence in Iraq, one of the strategic countries of the Middle East, is constantly being debated by the world public.

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In 2003, occupying Iraq with various lies, the occupying United States, which overturned all the balances of the Middle East, is adding new ones to its insidious plans and initiatives in the country. 
In recent days, the two important developments reflected in the press about the US policy on Iraq. The New York Times, one of the US's influential media outlets, wrote that the Trump administration would send 120,000 troops to Iraq to suppress Iran's growing influence in the region.
Many newspapers around the world have made this claim headlines. In addition, the United States, the embassy in Iraq and the urgent citizens of the country urged citizens back. 
ANKA-SAM Strategic Research Center Expert Cenk Tamer evaluated the backstage of the events to Milli Gazete.
The US is ready to attack
Cenk Tamer reiterating that the main goal of the US to make the Revolutionary Guardian Army a terrorist list is to force Iran into war; "The Trump administration was aware that in response to the list of terror guards by the Revolutionary Guard Army, Iran could mobilize its proxy elements in the region. In other words, Washington considered the possibility of Hashdud Shariah attacking American troops or diplomatic missions in Iraq. Therefore, the United States in recent days, especially in Iraq, the diplomatic representative of the Iranian attack by claiming that the diplomats and citizens wanted to leave Iraq. Considering this development, together with the increasing tension in the Strait of Hormuz, the US can be interpreted as 'I am ready to attack', he said.
Tamer warned that if this tension cannot be prevented, Iraqi territory could be the scene of possible war between the US and Iran. As a matter of fact, the US is seriously disturbed by the increasing influence of Iran in Iraq. The fact that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who visited Baghdad with a sudden decision last week, said that they gave importance to Iraq's sovereignty and prosperity is an indication of this. In addition, Pompeo asked the Iraqi authorities to ensure the security of US troops and diplomatic missions. Iraq may become a side of the war between the US and Iran if the al-Hashd al-Shabi group, which became a part of the Iraqi army, attacked American elements. Al-Hashd al-Shabi groups are not only involved in the security mechanism of Iraq, but also in politics and higher-level institutions. For example, Iran worked to bring Al-Hashd al-Shabi chairman Falih al-Faiyya to the office of Ministry of Interior for a long time. This means that Iran is also influential in Iraq's decision-making mechanism.


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