The US hit 2 regime bases in Syria

The US hit 2 regime bases in Syria
Date: 13.2.2020 12:00

While tensions between Turkey and Syria continue, the US yesterday, bombed two military points belonging to the regime forces in the region where the tension was experienced in Haseke.

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White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, "I do not think we will military intervene in Idlib regarding the latest situation in Idlib," he said.
Shortly after the words of the White House National Security Advisor O'Brien, the occupying US soldiers clashed with the forces of the Assad regime that stopped them in the Haseke region of Syria, and a regime element died. The US, which carried out an airstrike on the area, killed a civilian.
Advocating that the relationship between President Erdogan and Russian President Putin is fluctuating, O'Brien, "We will continue to say loudly that the civilian massacres in Syria should be stopped, but I do not think we will intervene militarily in Idlib," he said.


On the other hand, invading US soldiers killed 1 regime element in their brawl with the forces of Bashar Assad regime, which stopped them in the Haseke region of Syria. After the incident, 2 U.S. warplanes, which took off from the Tel Beyder base in Haseke, attacked 2 military points of the regime forces in the area of ​​the Khetbet Ammo, a civilian was killed and one was injured.
In addition, 4 civilians lost their lives in the attack carried out by the invading Russian warplanes on civil settlements in the western Aleppo part of the Idlib Strain Relief Zone.


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