The US sends additional troops to Syria

The US sends additional troops to Syria
Date: 28.1.2019 15:00

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has sent a group of troops to Syria said to support the withdrawal process.

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According to the statement, it was confirmed that the US has sent additional troops to Syria in order to protect the equipment and forces in the region during the withdrawal process.
Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson said that during the withdrawal process, there would be fluctuations in the number of U.S. troops in Syria, due to concerns about the security of the operation, we will not discuss the specific mobilization or timetable of the army.
Robertson said the withdrawal was based on a number of factors, including dialogue with the allies and partners, which is not limited by any timetable. He added that the United States-led coalition was carrying out orderly withdrawal operations.
U.S. defense officials saying that the United States was sending additional soldiers to Syria to ensure the security of withdrawal missions from the Middle East.
The two U.S. Defense Department officials who disclosed the information did not specify how many soldiers had been sent.
Although the Pentagon claims that there are 2,000 soldiers in Syria, it is stated that there are also soldiers who enter and leave the country temporarily which their number is unclear.


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