The US threatens Turkey over Venezuela

The US threatens Turkey over Venezuela
Date: 1.2.2019 13:00

An American official speaking to Reuters, said that the US would take action, If Turkey to violate sanctions against Venezuela.

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According to Hüseyin Koyuncu of Euronews; 3 months ago, by the United States to prevent Venezuela's gold sales brought new sanctions. Last year, the bank's gold processing in accordance with the agreement signed between Turkey and the Central Bank of Venezuela had announced the move to Turkey.
In his remarks to Reuters "The US is watching trade between NATO allies Turkey and Venezuela will act if it decides that there has been a breach of any sanctions." Using expressions American officials, the US financing of terrorism struggle in charge of Treasury Deputy Minister Billingslea the Friday meeting will perform with officials in Ankara with Turkey, especially in gas trade between Iran it will be assessed in the Venezuelan sanctions gave the details.
It was not a positive reply from Turkey
President Erdogan's support for Venezuela's President Maduro disappointed Washington, the American high-ranking official, explaining, "the question of Venezuela in the speech we made with the Turkish and other governments have not accepted the legitimacy of the Maduro regime."
Senior officials that Washington's demands on this issue but has not yet announced a positive response coming from Turkey.


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