The vase is already broken!

The vase is already broken!
Date: 14.2.2018 17:30

How an invader and supporter of terrorism country could be Turkey's ally!

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Relations with the United States, which are being addressed with the insistence of "strategic partnership" and "eternal alliance", "we have common interests in the region", have already been displaced by the US support of terrorism, public support and reckless attitude. Despite this fact, efforts such as "to wait for concrete steps from the US" and "to repair relationships" are like patches of "broken and salt-free vase". We are saying; with each passing day a new pot that breaks the relationship with the US "alliance" must walk on the axis. Turkey, the United States to "eternal partners" must come from the shackles of this time!


The Milli Gazete has repeatedly stated that neither the US nor the alliance with the United States can be seen as a normal bilateral relationship as long as the United States continues its dirty plans on the Islamic world. Today's developments also reveal the true face of the United States, just as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are occupied. On the one hand guarantees to Turkey (!) That the United States, on the other hand continues unceasingly increasing support to terrorists. While the US denies the support of terrorism in the eyes of the whole world as if it is not enough, the other side explains that its budget will allocate more resources to terrorist organizations.
It's raising the terrorist budget!
The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has set a budget of $ 300 million for training and donation to the terrorist PYD / PKK, which uses the SDG name from the Congress to fight off the DEAŞ in its budget for 2019, and 250 million for border security missions demanded a total of 550 million dollars. The Pentagon has allocated $ 500 million for the SDG on its fiscal year 2018 budget.
The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced its defense budget plan for fiscal year 2019. The bill will be presented to the US Congress in March and will be finalized as the 2019 Financial Year National Defense Authorization Act after talks between the Congress and the administration.
In the Pentagon's draft general budget bill, the United States claimed $ 1.4 billion for the fiscal 2019 fiscal year for the "education and training program in Iraq and Syria in the context of anti-DEA operations," which totaled $ 1.8 billion in fiscal year 2018. The Pentagon has allocated $ 500 million to the Syrian partners in the US, including the terrorist organization PYD / PKK, which uses the SDG in its fiscal year 2018 budget, to $ 550 million for the 2019 fiscal year. In Iraq, the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army left $ 850 million for training and equipment assistance.


The first draft prepared by the Pentagon for the fiscal year 2018 required $ 606 billion for the total budget, while the demand for the fiscal year 2019 was increased by $ 80 billion to $ 686 billion. Considering that the defense budget of 2018 fiscal year, which the Congress has finalized with the title of the National Defense Authorization Act, has been raised to 692 billion dollars in total, it is stated that the 2019 defense budget will approach 800 billion dollars.
In Iraq and Syria, the demand for anti-DEA operations was at 1.4 billion dollars from 1.8 billion dollars, while the biggest increase in the war fund was observed in the items of "force protection", "equipment reset and preparation" and "European Deterrence Initiative".
The budget for the Afghanistan occupation of $ 4.9 billion for fiscal year 2018 was raised to $ 5.2 billion.


The US-led coalition caught the attention of funding for the PYD / PKK army under the SDG camouflage, which he described as a frontier security force that would be formed by 30,000 people, but later described as "internal security and stability power." It has been stated that $ 250 million is demanded for the "border security requirements for the anti-DEAS mission" as well as the $ 300 million demanded for training in Syria.


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