The whole account of the Crusaders protect terrorist organizations

The whole account of the Crusaders protect terrorist organizations
Date: 14.10.2019 18:42

We have launched an operation against the terrorist organization in Turkey.

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The aim of the operation is to clear the region from terrorism. In other words, to prevent the tongues of the Crusade-Zionist alliance from forming a state of terror just beyond our borders. As such, our region needs to be cleared of the US and coalition partner EU countries. Unless this is done, our headache will continue. Because while the tongs are being swept from the region, some steps are taken to protect them, especially the US.

In order to clarify the issue, it is necessary to remember that a terrorist organization under the name of the PKK was fed and raised by the US for the actions directed towards our country. First, the order was broken in Iraq and the chaos was dominated. Using this complexity, an autonomous Kurdish region was created. Then, as a continuation of the same plan, Syria was confused and terrorist organizations were created under some names, all of which were versions of the PKK. The fact that they are called PKK, YPG or PYD does not make much sense. In addition, DAESH wrapped in a Muslim sheath was added. The PKK, YPG, or PYD is no longer unknown, especially by the United States. The countries of the region were threatened with terror and forced to accept the demands of the Crusade-Zionist alliance.

Although these are known, they have always been ignored for some reason. Especially in order to clear our region from terrorism, the US was always applied. It was proposed to do this cleaning together. The US statements were either not kept or one step forward and two steps back. As a result, it wants to withstand the force of Turkey, whether Turkey was opened in front of the operation should be a new tactic. Maybe it wouldn't be right to say it was opened. We can say it was made like a pop.

Turkey were allowed to move within certain limits. Just let me say that the longer end of their rope, which started operations in the United States and its allies, despite persistently highlighted Turkey is to risk a confrontation with the US, we said we're pulling out. But in the end, although the creation of safe zones described hundreds of times mutually agreed that the United States, announced that Turkey would not be in the face of the next. So it pulled its troops from Turkey's operation area. Or rather it was announced. However, the news of the US patrol from the region on the fourth day of the operation was reflected in the media. Obviously region have completely withdrawn from the US, given the coordinates of Turkey has tried to ensure that only the presence of an intact soldiers.

When I say all this, I try to draw attention to the hypocrisy and unreliability of the US once again. It did not say that it would withdraw from Syria. It said Turkey would withdraw just going down the safe zone will create. This meant that terrorists could be pulled down with them when they were stuck. In short, the US would continue to protect terrorists. In this regard, there has not been a serious change in US policies regarding terrorist organizations in our region. They were just testing what the terrorist organizations could do in the field.

As a result, we can say that it is not possible to clear our region from terror by agreeing with the US, which nurtures and grows terrorist organizations. It only gives the US terrorist organizations a new position according to the circumstances.

As a result, the Arab-Zionist Crusader alliance in Turkey, Syria to take a stand against the military operation against terror while fighting to preserve the Arab League does not have much meaning do not be mad. Because this alliance doesn't always have difficulty in finding inside tongs.

(Abdülkadir Özkan - Milli Gazete)


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