There may be a political increase in the minimum wage: Expert

There may be a political increase in the minimum wage: Expert
Date: 14.11.2023 10:00

While 2024 is just around the corner, discussions about new raises continue to come to the fore.

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The countdown has begun for the new minimum wage. Before the Minimum Wage Determination Commission meeting, where workers, employers and government segments will come together, millions of minimum wage workers are waiting for the increase in their salaries in 2024.
Millions of retirees, who received almost no increase in July, set their sights on the increase that will be made as the government marks the beginning of the new year.
While trying to predict possible increases in the minimum wage based on inflation forecasts, Prof. Dr. Aziz Çelik reminded that the Central Bank's 6-month expectation is 37.76 percent and emphasized that the increases in the minimum wage are politically determined.
"The minimum wage will be determined by a political decision. Minimum wage has not been discussed with the commission for the last 2 years. It is determined after the representatives meet with the President. I think that the minimum wage for 2024 will be determined politically and election-oriented in this way," Çelik said.
Çelik pointed out that the division of the 5 thousand TL bonus determined for retirees into working retirees and non-working retirees caused reactions, and noted that retirees who pay support premiums, such as small tradesmen and farmers, will not benefit from this situation.
"According to the law, retired workers will receive a raise of around 40 percent, and retired civil servants will receive a raise of around 50 percent. The expectation of retirees is that the raise will be made, which was not made in July. The increases given to retirees have already melted away, but this expectation is expected to be met," Çelik added.


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