They agreed to betray Palestine!

They agreed to betray Palestine!
Date: 23.9.2021 11:00

The Turkish-American National Steering Committee signed a 5-point agreement with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce to prevent the Palestinian-friendly BDS movement from working in Turkey.

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A striking development took place during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to the United States. TACS (Turkish-American National Steering Committee), known for its closeness to the AK Party, signed a cooperation agreement with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. One of the articles of the five-point agreement is to prevent the Palestinian-friendly BDS movement operating in the world and in Turkey from working in Turkey. Other articles of the agreement are also interesting; To support economic relations between Turkey and Israel. To strengthen inter-communal cooperation through cultural, religious and social programs. Being and supporting anti-Semitism. Opposing terrorist attacks targeting America and Israel.


The sentences at the beginning of the agreement signed with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce are also quite remarkable. With the agreement, it is stated that "an alliance based on common values ​​and solidarity is desired to be formed". The emphasis on economic cooperation is also important. The characterization of the organization that signed the agreement as "our homeland of Israel" also explains the purpose of the agreement.


1- Strengthening relationships among our heritage communities with relevant programs designed to enhance cultural, religious, educational and social exchange.
2- It is against all forms of prejudice and hatred, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and hostility towards Turks. Build person-to-person relationships based on mutual appreciation and respect beyond tolerance.
3- It is necessary to promote trade and business relations between the USA, Israel and Turkey.
4- Oppose various sanctions targeting Israel and Turkey, because BDS encourages extremism and harms the people it claims to represent.
5- Oppose all forms of radicalism, violent extremism and terrorism targeting America, Israel and Turkey.


The BDS movement, whose activities are requested to be blocked in the agreement, is an association that fights for the rights of Palestinians all over the world. The Boycott, Isolation and Sanctions Movement, abbreviated as BDS, is a non-governmental organization operating all over the world to increase the economic and political pressure against Israel. His aim is to make Israel take a step back as a result of increasing pressure. BDS fights for the rights of Palestinians, especially the end of the occupation in Palestine and the return of refugees to their countries.


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