They also want to return to their homeland

They also want to return to their homeland
Date: 27.11.2019 16:00

The International Refugee Rights Association and the Platform of We All Immigrants have prepared a public spot to tell the wrong known facts about Syrians among the community, especially on social media.

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The International Refugee Rights Association and the Platform for We All Immigrate announced at a press conference at a hotel in Taksim that they are preparing public spots on the known misconceptions about Syrians.
At a press conference held in a hotel in Taksim, the association officials shared the public spot with journalists and made statements. Activists Yıldız Önen, "Syrians crossed to the other side of the border, knowing media the opportunity to come back after a few days of the feast, though with an air as if they were going to vacation, they were asked to be sent back to their excuses Turkey. Following the atmosphere in the local elections, some municipalities tried to ban immigrants from entering the coast. Without the intense public reaction, these prohibitions tended to spread. According to the Interior Ministry, 365,000 immigrants have returned. Although it is said that these are voluntary returns, the information reflected in the reports of human rights organizations and the media reveals that many people were sent back against their will and will," she said.


"We hope that the videos we have prepared to expose many lies will be useful in breaking prejudices about immigrants," Önen added, "we call on everyone who supports liberties to shoulder this effort, and to be in solidarity with immigrants against discrimination and racism. The living conditions that lead a 9-year-old child to suicide must change. A society that builds ties with immigrants will also be more powerful in tackling its own problems. From this day on, we will share our videos with social media. We expect you to help us spread this."
It's impossible for people to go back there
Syrian Associations Platform President Mehdi Davut said, "It is impossible for people to return there unless a safe zone is mentioned. When it occurs, the Syrians will return to their homeland without any pressure." 
Member of All Migrants Platform Assoc. Dr. Ferda Keskin said, "Today, the cause of migration and asylum is not the cause of a better life but a struggle for survival. We are faced with war, climate change and life below the hunger limit."


Halil İbrahim Akıncı, General Coordinator of the Refugees Association said, "We are very lonely in the area. We are experiencing a lack of solidarity in the field of refugees. Shredded corpse, blood, etc. linen is shared. When a 9-year-old boy commits suicide, everyone is sensitive, but no one is heard before all of this happens." 
Medipol University Center for Mediterranean Studies Migration Research Coordinator Kenan Şahin said, "We are all migrants is not a dry expression. Someone thinks this world is our title deed. When they have title deeds, they are experiencing a blunder like giving shares and deed to someone. People in the world don't just migrate because of their concerns. There are also immigrants for hope. Migration will always exist throughout history."


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