They were cold and we were frozen

They were cold and we were frozen
Date: 19.1.2021 16:00

A view of 'poverty' at minus 4 degrees right in the heart of Anatolia...

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In Turkey, where the deep economic crisis is tried to be hidden by the changes made in the figures, the high cost of living makes the citizen brood about it. Citizens who heard that cheap apples were sold in our country, where food prices increased the most in the world, got in a queue at -4 degrees.
People waiting in the frosty to buy apples for 2.5 lira in Kayseri's Melikgazi district also revealed how their purchasing power decreased with the economic crisis.
It's not free either... They waited in the cold for hours to buy apples for 2.5 lira.
Being 18 years in power, the government at every opportunity expressing the tail queue in the recent past, in 2021 people to get cheap fruit and vegetables in Turkey waiting for hours in freezing cold, was recognized as the greatest indicator of the economic crisis.


While fruit prices in our country have increased by 44.7 percent in the last year, apples are sold at 7-8 liras in the bazaar and market, and orange and tangerine, indispensable for the winter season, from 5-6 lira. As such, the citizen, struggling with economic difficulties, brooding on, "how can I bring the end of the month".


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