They've learned!

Theyve learned!
Date: 11.9.2019 12:00

It is written as 'student' in front of their names, but they learned a lot despite their young age.

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Today, when negative and darkening news are lined up one after the other, two steps came to warm our hearts.
Gold children
A student in Adiyaman, in front of the school has reached the owner of the quarter gold that he found. 
When the dates show 13 July, Furkan Aytekin, 8th grade student of July 15 Middle School, handed the gold to Hatice Peker, the mother of Rabia Peker.
Adıyaman 8th grade student, delivered to the owner of the quarter-gold found in front of the school. 
According to information received, July 15 Middle School 13-year-old student Furkan Aytekin break in front of the school found a quarter of gold. 
Student who can not find the owner of the gold, the situation reported to the school principal Murat Bilgiç. After a while, 7th grade student Rabia Peker came to Principal Bilgiç and said that she lost her gold. 
Aytekin and Bilgiç handed the gold to Hatice Peker, the mother of Rabia Peker. The student gave Aytekin pocket money. 
Furkan Aytekin who expressed his happiness for delivering the gold to the owner said, "When I found the gold on the floor, I thought that the owner might need it and I informed the manager. I am very happy to have found the owner".
Talas District National Education Branch Manager Sener Serim, gave pencils to the students in the first day of school. 
Extending a gift item to a girl in the first grade Serim, both in the face of the response to the surprise and was not surprised. Director Şener Serim said, "These items are not given to those in need, but they are given to everyone on the first day. Didn't he deserve both the pen and the 100 points? It took away all our fatigue."
Students react to the tradition of bagel throwing
At the Kadıköy Anatolian High School, the new students been thrown a bagel under the name of ‘welcoming ceremony‘. 
Dozens of bagels thrown on the floor, later cleaned by cleaning staff, the scandal took reaction on social media reactions. 
Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, Kadikoy Anatolian High School launched an investigation over the events.


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