This is a medical shame!

This is a medical shame!
Date: 26.1.2021 13:00

Doctors, who were successful in their country and came to Turkey by brain drain, told Milli Gazete about their victimization in hospitals.

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The foreign doctors we met at Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital want to work under equal conditions with their colleagues.
A salary of 1992 TL is paid to more than 4 thousand foreign doctors, whose shares are also cut from the hospital's revolving fund. Expressing that their health insurance is not fully provided, doctors are treated with money at the hospital where they work in case of illness. Even employees of coronavirus services pay for the Covid-19 test.
In Turkey, more than 4 thousand foreign national assistant doctors continue to work despite the injustices made to them.
With the decision of the Council of State in December 2020, foreign doctors, who can no longer receive a share from the hospital's revolving fund, are paid a salary of 1992 TL.
Doctors who are paid even below the minimum wage are not provided with full health insurance. Foreign doctors, who have experienced many victimization, have to pay a fee even in the hospital where they work if they become ill.
We came together with foreign doctors who came to Turkey through brain drain and experienced many victimization at Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital.
Foreign doctors, who tell the Milli Gazete about their troubles, want to work under equal conditions with their colleagues.
Graduated from Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine, Orhan Farmanlı said, "I have been working as an assistant doctor in the pathology department of this hospital for more than 2 years. I continue to work as an assistant without full insurance. During my tenure, I make a living with 1992 TL, which is the salary given to foreigners. Until 2009, we were not paid any salary. Later, at the initiative of some foreign doctors, we were given a low salary. In 2019, as a result of a lawsuit filed by a foreign assistant doctor, we were able to benefit from the hospital's revolving fund. However, in December 2020, a lawyer from the Ministry of Health filed a lawsuit against the Council of State and we were prevented from receiving money from the revolving fund."


Graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Aygün Aliyeva, saying that an injustice was done to them, said, "We, foreign doctors, contribute to the revolving fund of the hospital as well as other doctors. Normally everyone should get the right to what they work for. Although we work in the same hospital, the same system, at the same working hours and care for tens of patients every day, we cannot get our rights as foreign doctors. When it comes to working, there is no difference between foreigners and Turks, but when it comes to money, we are called "foreign doctors" and we are exposed to discrimination. I worked in the Covid-19 intensive care unit for 2 months. I had to do this, I don't expect to always work in good conditions, but we just want our rights."


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