This is not our culture!

This is not our culture!
Date: 1.6.2020 15:00

You couldn't fix the education problem and you also hit the wall in culture issue... Who brought our culture side by side with alcohol tables?

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Along with the party's presidential system, the appointment of an "outside" minister was initiated. In the last cabinet, a name was assigned to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, engaged in tourism.
The Minister of Culture, who also owns a tour company and carries tourists to our islands occupied by Greece in business life, but had to serve country tourism under the seat of the ministry, had made a big blunder by saying “occupation” to the conquest of Istanbul. The appearance of entertainment images at the tables of the same Minister now also caused the comments that “The inevitable end is waiting for us when the Ministry of Culture is under the roof of tourism and the seat of the ministry is entrusted to names that are far from our culture”.
In the images claimed to have been taken last summer, it was seen that Minister Ersoy held rhythm, clapped and applauded with the singing woman. The crowd gathered around the table with various drinks and appetizers accompanied the Minister. Those who see the inappropriate environment with men and women around the Minister are from social media: "Will the AKP raise the religious generation that it constantly expresses with this mentality?" asked the question.


Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who previously shared his pictures on the front line of the Conquest of Istanbul, which was carried out by the government, on his Twitter account, said in an interview he gave to a conquest of Istanbul, 'occupation'. After these words, Minister Ersoy, who was subjected to intense reaction, said that he used the word occupation as a result of the "tongue spread".


Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who has many drinking tourism facilities especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean, is not a stranger to the drinking environments in the images.
While there is no explanation about the images yet from Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, there were also those who said that these views are quite normal in the alcoholic tourism sector based on the unrealistic foundations.


After the images spread on social media, many Twitter users posted criticism tweets. Those who stand out from those reactions are as follows:
* The minister of a government who says that he is religious, indigenous, national, and conservative can hold a cigar, a glass of wine in front of him, and play with his women. It is this insincerity and this hypocrisy that needs to be criticized in this video.
* A great image that exemplifies domestic and nationality! The image of Anatolian people's representatives who fit the culture and lifestyle!


Before the shock of the "occupation" statements of Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, about the conquest of Istanbul, have been overcome, the images of cigars at the liquor table published on social media have raised deep concerns about the carrying of our culture for thousands of years to the future. The activities of Minister Ersoy exclusively for “tourism” sparked public discussions about what will be the “culture” that expresses our history and nation consciousness under the ministry.


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