This is the struggle for independence

This is the struggle for independence
Date: 5.4.2021 16:00

While drug addiction has reached scary levels, especially among young people, Mehmet Dinç, Deputy Chairman of the Green Crescent (Yeşilay), which has been struggling with addiction for more than a hundred years, made a statement to our newspaper.

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Mehmet Dinç, Deputy Chairman of the Green Crescent (Yeşilay), who has carried out valuable works on the fight against drugs, which should be seen as a war of liberation, made a statement to our newspaper.


Mehmet Dinç, Deputy Chairman of the Green Crescent (Yeşilay), stated that we have a great advantage in the fight against drug addiction as a country, thanks to our belief in Islam.
Expressing that religious sensitivities prevent many people from using alcohol and drugs, Dinç, "Years ago, one of our guests, who came from England to attend the Technology Addiction Congress, said that the country with the lowest alcohol consumption in Europe is Turkey and that the path followed against alcohol can also be followed in terms of drugs. Of course, the issue here is that people do not accept alcohol because of their religious sensitivity. There is also such a situation with drugs," he said.
Making important statements about drug addiction to our newspaper, the Deputy Chairman of the Green Crescent, Dinç, drew attention to the activities of the international drug industry.
"They are trying to enter the world of young people illegally. For example, it is forbidden to advertise cigarettes and alcohol on TV. Instead, the industry is trying to fund an Instagram phenomenon to get him to smoke and drink alcohol on the air. Or they make broadcasts promoting alcohol, cigarettes and drugs in a movie that does not broadcast on normal television. In other words, the industry we banish from the door is entering through the chimney. Therefore, the more determined the industry is, the more vigorous and challenging we have to be in the effort to save our youth," he said.


Drawing attention to the social dimension of the drug addiction issue, the Deputy Chairman of the Green Crescent, Dinç, also touched on the danger of the popular culture phenomenon brought about by globalization.
"The popular culture brought about by globalization makes us rich for things and poor for people. We are trying to fill the hunger and emptiness that arise from our inability to feed on human side through addictions. The things we call addiction are not limited to drugs. Alcohol, gambling, technology, and gaming can be seen as addictions. Since the modern world does not allow people to satisfy their hunger in a healthy way, people go astray. We have to work to correct this situation," he added.


Mehmet Dinç, who also shared a data of the World Health Organization in his statements to the Milli Gazete, said that one out of every six people had a psychological illness.
Expressing that anxiety, depression and addictions are at the top of the mentioned psychological diseases, Dinç stated that the psychological resilience in people is reduced.
"When we look at the last thirty years, we see that humanity has progressed physically. The number of people dying of hunger has declined below the age of five because of lack of access to healthcare. The number of people reaching education and hospital is increasing, but when you look at it from the other side, there is a different picture. While humanity is in its golden age in terms of physical possibilities, it has serious difficulties in psychological terms," Dinç added.


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