This system cannot solve any problem of Muslims

This system cannot solve any problem of Muslims
Date: 3.10.2019 07:28

Can this system prevent the collapse of our homes, the disintegration of our families and the violence of our women?

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Imagine a system that simplifies motherhood and housewife, promotes business womanhood, the ETCEP project, the Istanbul Convention, the EU harmonization laws, LGBT associations, positive discrimination, unfair alimony laws and false family policies to destroy the family structure of their society. Can this system prevent the collapse of our homes, the disintegration of our families and the violence of our women?

Imagine a system that employs the women of their people as slaves in brothels, taxes their money and protects this sector and earnings by law. Even though they have children, they are sentenced to years of imprisonment for marrying young people so that they don't fall into adultery and don't get into flirt. Can this system solve the problem of morality in society?

Imagine a system that encourages all the natural beauties, beaches and places that Allah has given as a great blessing for foreign tourists to sin more easily, consume more drinks and leave more dollars, drunk tourist places, entertainment clubs, facilities, sin and nudity. It allows the most beautiful cities, streets, bazaars of its hometown to be polluted with great sins. It gives the income it derives from here as national income. Can this system protect its people and generations by blocking the paths to sin?

Imagine a system that condemns young people who want to get married with interest-free wedding loans, condemns young people who want to study with interest-bearing scholarships, condemns the merchant who wants to trade with interest-bearing debts, condemns the father who wants to buy the house with interest-rate home loan, and the mother who wants to buy furniture, with interest-rate furniture credit. Promotes interest, interest rate pension system. It says you will get your salaries from banks with interest. Can this system solve the economic problems of those who groan in the grip of credit card installments, those who flutter in debt, who cannot pay their rent, and who cannot support their house?

Imagine a system that makes gambling a sector, establishes horse racing tracks for each city, draws lotto every week, calls the gamble the National Lottery, sponsors the gambling sector even for the construction of scientific institutions, with a scratch, claim, bet, virtual gambling. legitimates, facilitates and advertises all the ways in which young people can reach gambling with their Christmas draws. It frees the sale of the liquor, opens its factories. Can this system protect the mind, soul and health of its youth?

Imagine a system that ninety-nine out of a hundred series that they broadcast on their TV are vomiting, divorce, cheating, haram, drinking, gambling, violence encourage immorality. It allows lies and slander on news programs. Competition, marriage and magazine programs, the society is collapsing. Can this system protect its family structure and future?

No matter what anyone says, it's a curve. The correct product does not come out of the curved counter. No matter who runs a factory that produces poison, that factory continues to produce poison. The issue is to change the factory system, settings, looms and machines.

Operators who do not intend to change the system, whether bearded, wearing headscarves, prayer, whether religious or a factory that produces poison again continues to produce poison. There may be a slight difference, in a factory run by religious people, it is not stolen from material, it is not stolen from work, the quality of the products is better made up. Everybody tries to make their job more solid, so that the factory system is rattling. As a result, faster and better quality poison is produced.

The issue is the system. Nothing changes unless the system changes…

(Abdülaziz Kıranşal – Milli Gazete)


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