Top secret jobs! Blemish In 'Job and Vocational Counselor' exam

Top secret jobs! Blemish In Job and Vocational Counselor exam
Date: 8.9.2020 13:00

In the Contractual Job and Vocational Counselor Recruitment Exam and interviews conducted by Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR), the situation was said to be not that much.

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When unemployment peaked, the situations experienced in the exams and interviews conducted by İŞKUR was said not that much. 7 months after the Contracted Job and Vocational Counselor Recruitment Exam interviews, which were interviewed by İŞKUR on September 25-28, 2018, the results were announced "before the scores were announced". While the extensive information about the exam was not shared this time, it brought up the claims of shame about the exam, while the Milli Gazete reached striking documents about the exams and interviews. Especially recently, the AKP provincial heads' announcement of recruitment before İŞKUR provincial directors increased the claims of shame.
Remove the doubt in the İŞKUR exam!
While 1,897 people entered the exam held by İŞKUR, neither the exam scores nor the interview scores of those who lost the exam were announced. While it is observed that the said situation violated some of the articles placed in the announcement text of the institution, it is noteworthy that no records were obtained regarding the interviewees. After the incident was taken to the court, sending the list of those who took the exam requested from İŞKUR with the signature of the Deputy General Director of İŞKUR Cafer Uzunkaya and the phrase "top secret" strengthened the claims of the testimonies. It drew attention that the document sent to the court with the top secret phrase was dated one week before the interview and although it was stated that there were attachments in the top secret document, there were no specified documents.
While the information about the exam was conveyed in the top secret labeled document reached by the National Gazette, it also brought different questions. The use of the "top secret" statement about the situation in question led to the questions of how many people attended the exam, how many people were qualified, did anyone ever take the exam but were successful. On the other hand, another mind-boggling issue is that the scores of the candidates are kept secret even from the candidates and the results are announced without giving any points, strengthening the claims of shame again.
The victims who made a call to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the allegations of shame in the exam said, "Our grievance in this irregular, unregistered and unfair purchase should be eliminated. The interview should be canceled and everyone's placement should be made according to KPSS scores. If the exam is not canceled, we who have been victimized should be appointed to vacant positions. Because in this exam, İŞKUR did not give any points to any candidate. Those appointed have no superiority over us. Please see the irregularity in this assignment. We hope you are not aware of this mistake made by your ministry." expressions were used.


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