Troll attack on Saadet Deputy Cihangir Islam

Troll attack on Saadet Deputy Cihangir Islam
Date: 3.11.2018 13:00

Cihangir Islam spoke at the Parliament, the pro-media and trolls launched a smear campaign on him!

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Saadet Party Istanbul Deputy Professor Dr. Cihangir Islam gave an historic speech at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on October 31, 2018, in which he addressed to the consciences of deputies of AKP because of their actions. However, the media and trolls started smear campaign on the Saadet Deputy's speech, the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into Islam. Prosecutor's office, explaining that the investigation was made because of the sharings of Islam on Twitter, the sharing of the speeches in the Parliament in Islam drew attention!
Saadet Party deputy Cihangir Islam's speech in Parliament was distorted in the media. A number of writers working in local newspapers and news sites targeted Islam from their social media accounts. 


On the other hand, on July 15, Cihangir Islam announced that he was out of the social media accounts and invited the people to go out on the street. The messages shared by Islam on the night of July 15 are as follows:
"I've never been a member of the AK Party, but I'm going out on behalf of democracy and the rule of law. I invite every citizen to go out and back."
"We stand next to the legitimate government of democracy. We are in the crate, in the street, in the street, in the slap. We are with the law, legitimacy and democracy!"


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