Trump to meet with Turkey's Erdoğan at White House following tensions

Trump to meet with Turkeys Erdoğan at White House following tensions
Date: 7.11.2019 15:00

President Trump will meet with his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in Washington next week, ending weeks of uncertainty over whether Erdoğan would make the trip amid tensions over Syria.

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Erdoğan committed to visiting Trump at the White House following a phone call between the two leaders on Wednesday. 
Trump tweeted that the two discussed the situation in Syria, "the ending of hostilities with the Kurds," "the eradication of terrorism" and the Turkish capture of ISIS fighters. He added that he looked forward to welcoming Erdoğan to the White House.
Also talked about their Border with Syria, the eradication of terrorism, the ending of hostilities with the Kurds, and many other topics. Look forward to seeing President Erdogan next Wednesday, November 13th at the WhiteHouse!
Erdoğan had been expected to make the trip, but the plans were complicated by the fallout from Trump's shift in Syria policy last month.
Trump last month abruptly announced he would withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria following a phone call with Erdoğan.
Erdoğan said in recent days that he was considering skipping the Washington visit over the congressional action.
The visit will coincide with the first day of public impeachment hearings in the House, setting the stage for what is likely to be an explosive day in Washington. 


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