Trump told YPG to back off!..

Trump told YPG to back off!..
Date: 15.10.2019 18:42

This form of state administration, one can not take himself without asking.

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After months of negotiations, despite the reached agreement when it is understood clearly that the US behaves hypocritical, to give time to a terrorist organization and strengthen their hand in the north appears Syria, Turkey acted to create safe zones. In short, because of the known fact that the US preferred the terrorist organization to Turkey the operation was launched. After the operation launched, behaviors of US or of Trump actually which are diversing in time also showed that this country is not friendly to Turkey. As they did yesterday, the world stands by Zionism. Maybe they feel compelled. Of course, they know it best.

When they saw that the YPG terrorist organization lost two districts, a town and 55 villages just beyond our border, Trump obviously didn't agree with his heart, said YPG to run and said US to back off. So, what happens when the YPG withdraws 30 kilometers? So Syria will be cleared of terrorist organizations? It seems that there is no clearance of Syria's terrorist organizations on the agenda of Trump and the United States. Because their ultimate goal is to create an autonomous region like Iraq in Syria. So; The disintegration of Syria. Therefore, they supported the PKK / YPG from the beginning. After that they will continue to support. It is necessary to evaluate the steps taken by the US and Trump without forgetting this fact. Otherwise they will not be able to get rid of the errors.

In spite of Trump's explanations that the US soldiers will not be in the region before Turkey start the military operation, with nailing of the terrorist organization it is impossible to explain Trump's call to the YPG to "retreat 30 kilometers south” as if no such call had been made before. Because Trump's statement that no US soldier will be in the region during Turkey's operation was already publicly said to the terrorist organizations that they will take care of themselves on their own from the beginning. In other words, it was the message that the US terrorist organization would not take part in the conflicts at least at this stage and that they could withdraw to the south with their own soldiers if they wanted. When the terrorist organization ignores this call and starts eating sticks, it is obvious that Trump's heart doesn't give up. Meanwhile, before the start of operations the US wanted time from Turkey to withdraw troops, despite of this, the troops didn't withdraw and result of this the operation has started. So the US troops or withdrawn completely or coordinates of the points they had tried to be exposed to a friendly fire they informed Turkey.

Despite all of this, the fact that Trump has renewed his call to his troops today shows that either Trump is acting hypocritically or some circles in the US administration do not listen to Trump. Regardless of the situation, as long as the United States exist, the peace will not come to our region, the US's words can not be trusted once again has been understood. Because the US administration offers the wind blow as a diplomacy. But this game is no longer swallowed. Moreover, even in the first days of the operation, it is necessary to say to the US that "We don't want your friendship" considering that it sent 300 trucks and ammunition from the US to the YPG.

(Abdülkadir Özkan - Milli Gazete)


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