Turhan: "We want to live in peace with rights and justice"

Turhan: "We want to live in peace with rights and justice"
Date: 15.2.2019 15:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) celebrated the 99th anniversary of the liberation of Kahramanmaraş… AGD / MGV President Salih Turhan gave an important speech…

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Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) Kahramanmaraş Branch celebrated the 99th anniversary of the liberation of Kahramanmaraş from enemy occupation.
Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and the National Youth Foundation (MGV) Chairman Salih Turhan, Saadet Party Kahramanmaras Province President Erkan Pinarbasi, Kahramanmaras Provincial Education Director Cemal Yilmaz and AGD Kahramanmaras Branch President Ahmet Bolat attended to the program.
Turhan continued his speech by underlining the pressure in East Turkestan. 
"In the present world order, Islamic countries and Muslim peoples are forced to take part in either the US, Britain or Israel or take shelter in one of the Russia-China duo. Almost all Islamic geography has custody regimes. There are US bases and soldiers in many Islamic countries who declared their independence and the military or civilian administrators of these countries unfortunately carry out all their actions under the tutelage of the United States," Turhan said.
Speaking at the opening of the program, AGD / MGV President Salih Turhan, "On the one hand, while the US occupies Afghanistan, invading Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen are confused; Israel is pushing Palestine to the West Bank and Gaza. In our geography, the bird of the stream is struck by the stone of the stream. Zionist Israel continues its terrorist attacks against Gaza and the Palestinian people. Zionist Israel is the work of a mentality that does not hesitate to set fire to the world for its own happiness. Zionist Israel is always a problem, not only when it attacks. Zionist Israel is a problem not only for the Palestinian people and Muslims, but for all humanity. Israel has nothing to do if the governments have a proper stance in the Palestinian issue rather than manipulating their own people," he added.
Turhan, "Islamic countries and Muslim communities, as well as all over the world and the Islamic world in the peace and tranquility of Turkey should now see that the occurrence of a ground where they can act together Iran and Egypt. Developing rhetoric against puppets and surrendering to puppeteers on the way to the wall is inevitable. We want to live in peace with all our differences in this geography. We want people to observe the rights and laws of this geography, second-class treatment is not to be made to anyone," he said.


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