Turkey: "The attack in Germany is a manifestation of the hostility to Islam"

Turkey: "The attack in Germany is a manifestation of the hostility to Islam"
Date: 21.2.2020 14:00

Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement on Thursday, "We extend our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives, especially our citizens, and wish urgent recovery to the injured in this heinous attack."

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Underlining that it is not possible to consider these incidents as individual attacks anymore, the statement said that the insensitivity shown towards the fight against increasing xenophobia in Europe leads to new attacks every day.
"It is time to put an end to these attacks. Otherwise, racism and xenophobia will reach more serious levels and lead us to a dangerous situation," it warned.
"The solution to effectively combatting racism, xenophobia and hatred against Islam lies first and foremost in avoiding this encouraging approach and taking effective measures against it," the statement added.
It urged European countries to unite against racism and xenophobia and speak with one voice.
"We are determined to show the necessary cooperation in the bilateral and international arena in the fight against all kinds of racism and we will continue our sincere efforts in this direction," it concluded.


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