Turkey extradites Ikhwan member to Egypt

Turkey extradites Ikhwan member to Egypt
Date: 5.2.2019 13:00

Muhammed Abdul Hafez Hussein, a member of the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood], who came to Turkey recently and detained in Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, was extradited to putschist Sisi government, Egypt where he was tried to be executed.

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It was stated that Muhammed Abdul Hafez Ahmed Hussein, a member of the Ikhwan tried to be executed in Egypt, was detained at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport and then extradited to the regime of putschist Sisi, Egypt.
According to information, Ikhwan member Muhammed Abdul Hafez Hussein arrived in Istanbul Ataturk Airport from Somalia on the evening of January 16. During e-visa process at the morning hours of January 17, he was found to be among the criminals requested by Egypt.
It was learned that Hussein, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was sentenced to death, had applied for political asylum but his request was refused by the Turkish side.
Mohammed Abdul Hafez Hussein was sent to Egypt on January 18 by Turkish authorities and handed over to the junta forces.
Mursi's former undersecretary Saifuddin Abdul-Fattah urged authorities to take measures
Speaking to correspondents, Saifuddin Abdul-Fattah, undersecretary of the elected former president of Egypt Mohamed Mursi, and Professor of Political Sciences in Istanbul, asked the Turkish government to grant a term of respite at the airport until the security forces are fully exposed to the situation of those who are in political asylum and who are of vital danger.
Prof. Abdul Fattah also stated that it is human and legal for those who claim to have committed crimes to prove their status and to grant them the right to be released on bail through the guarantor.
Abdul Fattah added his demand that those seeking political asylum be directed to a safe country where they can live, even if they are not accepted.
Abdul Fattah called on the authorities to take measures to prevent such painful events from happening again.


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