Turkey insists on the wrong!

Turkey insists on the wrong!
Date: 1.12.2018 14:00

While the beet producers were on their way to search for their rights in Çorum, the farmers in Elbistan tried to raise their voices by the video they recorded.

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Due to the false sugar privatizations, the beet producers in Çorum started to search for their rights, while the farmers in Elbistan tried to raise their voices heard with the video they shot. The sugar beet producers in Turkey paying the wrong amount customizations, appeared to pay a heavy price in the past year due to the abolition of quota sugar beet producers in Europe. Although beet production increased by 24 percent in Europe due to the removal of sugar quotas, the farmer's income has fallen unprecedentedly. Sugar beet, which is the most popular product for European farmers until yesterday, has become an undesirable product with the removal of quotas. The beet producer lost $ 1.8 billion in revenue due to the price drop. Germany, the Netherlands, France and the UK will make production more attractive to prevent the farmer from beet production, as the beet production in Europe is jeopardized due to loss of income. In beet production, sugar quota will be returned to the production amounts.
The World Sugar Summit, which brings together world's leading beet, reed, starch-based sugar producers, was marked by the niş quota ür that was lifted in Europe. At the summit, it was noted that sugar beet farmers lost 1.8 billion dollars in European countries, which removed quotas last year. If this policy continues, it is pointed out that beet production will be in great danger in Europe. International Sugar Organization (ISO) organized by the summit between the United States, Brazil, EU, India, Mexico, Russia, Turkey joined representatives of 59 countries where sugar producers. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, including the Bronze Let's summit, Pankobirlik General Manager Taspinar, which also joined the delegation.
Pankobirlik General Manager Taner Taspinar, evaluated the results of the ISO meeting. Europe Taspinar that you need a very good reading for Turkey, the results of last year removed the sugar quota, "After the summit on European farmers and a year out of more factory managers began discussing the removal of quotas. The removal of quotas has increased the production of beets, but the farmer has lost the charm of beets. For this they want to make the beet attractive again. However, starch-based producers in our country often say that the quotas should be removed. But Europe has seen the consequences of this painfully, now looking for a way out. Turkey needs to draw the necessary lessons from this experience," he said.
As it is known that there are two issues related to the sugar sector in Turkey insistently demanded of starch-based sugar lobby. The first one is the privatization of the factories and the second is the removal of the sugar quotas. While demanding the privatization of factories, they are now waiting for the removal of sugar quotas. However, because the privatizations are not fully completed, they do not raise their demands on sugar quotas in order not to mix too much. With the privatization of the remaining factories, the number one agenda item in the sugar sector will be sugar quotas. While the removal of sugar quotas may seem to increase beet production, the main starch-based sugar producers will grow their market. Due to the wrong privatization, the withdrawal of the farmers from the beet production will be on the agenda and the removal of the quotas will increase the dominance of the sugar-based sugar producers. The abolition of quota beet production making it controversial even in Europe, in Turkey the bill that indicates that much more severe.


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