Turkey is turning into an importer country

Turkey is turning into an importer country
Date: 7.3.2018 17:30

Once upon a time Turkey was "agriculture country but last years Turkey is increasingly turning into importers of food and animals. The sale of sugar factories will cause both the loss of national assets and imports in sugar!

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Responding to the privatization of the sugar factories, which are considered the most precious economic assets of Anatolia, which is the lifeblood of the sugar industry and keeps the economy in the regions where they exist, Despite new opinions and "grave information" about the mistake of privatization day by day, political power continues to be credible. Turkey, almost even want to have "sugar coma" 


The Privatization Administration is publicly hiding "strategy reports" that it has prepared by giving serious money to determine the roadmap in the privatization of sugar factories. Despite the "public model" being proposed in the strategy report prepared for the 600 thousand liras in 2004, the Privatization Administration insists on "asset sales" today, bringing the question "Is the sugar factories abducted?" The Privatization Administration keeps the "strategy report" prepared by Ak Investment for 2016 as a secret from the public.
While sugar factories need to be restructured as soon as they are removed from the scope of privatization and are in the world examples, it is noticed that the sale is made on the grounds that it is 'harmful'. While the fact that factories can not continue their production in the hands of the private sector in the privatization to be done, insisting on the wrong privatization policy brought the agenda of "Are the sugar factories established?"


The Privatization Administration is missing publicly owned sugar factories. The Privatization Administration hides 'strategy reports' from politics and the public to prepare for the path to be followed in the privatization of sugar factories. The privatization administration is bolstering its allegations against sugar factories that it is making money from the public and politics to get the strategy reports it has prepared by giving money to determine the roadmap for the sale of sugar factories.
As opposed to the "asset sales" model, Oyak Yatırım Menkul Değerler AŞ, Rabo International Advisory Services BV and ED & F MAN Sugar Limited have signed a contract with the Privatization Administration in 2004, model "was proposed. However, in 2009 and 2011 privatizations, the Privatization Administration wanted to customize the sugar factories with this model, although "asset sales were not offered".


In 2004, the Customs Administration issued 600 thousand pounds of money to the strategy report prepared by the public itself to ignore the large response has caused. In 2012, the National Newspaper came up with the "Strategy Report", which was hidden from the public opinion and politics, and labeled "Highly Private and Private". The report also revealed the intention of the Privatization Administration to privatize the sugar factories. The Privatization Administration has prepared a new strategy report for the privatization of sugar factories in 2016. The "strategy report" prepared for Ak Investment in 2016 is kept hidden from the public as the report prepared in 2004.


In 2004, Oyak Securities, Rabo International Advisory Services BV and ED & F MAN Sugar Limited cooperated in a "strategy report" to ensure the continuity of beet production in the cooperative option of sugar factories. While giving examples from world applications in this regard, it is explained in detail how to establish "cooperative model". Many of the weaknesses of the existing cooperative models found in Turkey, the way it should be told of the cooperative model in this regard.


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