Turkey not giving up on the EU

Turkey not giving up on the EU
Date: 18.9.2019 13:00

Readmission Agreement which is signed between Turkey and the EU in 2013 simultaneously with Visa Liberalization process launched in the framework of the study were asked to speed up decision published by the Official Gazette today.

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Turkey does not give up on the European Union. With the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the new circular on the visa liberalization dialogue with the European Union (EU) was published in the current issue of the Official Gazette. 
Circular between the EU and Turkey was signed on December 16, 2013 Back initiated simultaneously with the Freedom Visa Acceptance Agreement within the framework of the dialogue process were asked to speed up work towards negotiations with the EU.


The Circular emphasized the importance of accelerating the efforts to meet the criteria for the completion of the process and said, "Within this framework, the important public institutions and organizations that have contributed significantly to the initiation and positive advancement of the Visa Freedom Dialogue with their dedicated efforts up to now have important duties".
The Circular also stated that the importance of conducting the negotiations with the EU under the coordination of the European Union Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the Visa Freedom Dialogue process, especially in cooperation, solidarity and continuity between institutions with the contributions of the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs.
On the other hand, Circular 2015/18 was abolished.


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