Turkey now will import onions!

Turkey now will import onions!
Date: 16.1.2019 16:00

Turkey now will import onions... This shows that Turkey has no production planning and policy ...

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The price of onions are increasing due to disease. The price of one kg onion could be 10 Turkish Liras in 2019 comments were made in Novcember. The political power, which tried to reduce the price of the onion with the warehouse raids, has now turned to imports, with the decrease of onions on the market. Customs duty on the import of dried onions was 49.5 percent.
With the Additional Decision on the Import Regime, the tariff on onion has been reset by 28 February. The President's Decision on the issue was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. The customs duty on dry onion imports was zero for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30.9 percent for Singapore and 49.5 percent for other countries.
Onion in November 2018, with a 50.58 percent price increase, became the champion. The decision of the Ministry of Commerce, the increase in the price of dry onions, the domestic market prices to be kept at reasonable levels and speculative price movements in order to avoid the challenge of the planting period will be applied by taking into account the reported.
Experts, stated that the price of onion increased due to disease and decay of onions, while state officials ransacked onion stores in recent months, but the price of onions in the stalls again did not fall.


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