Turkey produces nuts, Germany determines its price

Turkey produces nuts, Germany determines its price
Date: 10.9.2018 12:00

Turkey ranks first in the world hazelnut production but a report prepared by the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers emphasized that the productivity dropped rapidly and the market share decreased.

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When the harvest is finished in hazelnut, the producer is waiting for the price to be disclosed by the Crops Office (TMO). TMO's price while a further explanation of why the manufacturer's response, the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, published by the 2018 Report, has revealed the bitter nuts report on Turkey's hazelnut. In the report involving the striking information, import and export data for Turkey's hazelnut production is mainly focused individual. The difficulties experienced by producers and representatives of hazelnut sector were also noted.
Hazelnut production in our country every day falls. Turkey's share in world falls continuously nuts mentioned in the report, it noted that in 2002 Turkey was 72 percent share of the world's hazelnuts. In 2016, it was emphasized that Turkey's hazelnut share declined to 56 percent of the worldwide rate. Our country is the world hazelnut percent share ranks first, followed by Turkey was said to be 16 per cent of Italy's share of world hazelnut rates. The report also drawn attention to Turkey's hazelnut foreign trade, in 2017 160 thousand tons of hazelnuts are exported 90 thousand tons of hazelnut exports decline in yaşanarak were recorded in 2018 fell to 70 thousand tons.
At the end of the report, the proposals and solutions were noted. The report, "Turkey's hazelnut a serious reform of the production, there is a need to renew and increase productivity. While it is the first in Turkey's hazelnut production, it can not be effective in determining the price. Hazelnut prices are determined by the Hamburg Hazelnut Stock Exchange in Germany, which manufactures and exports hazelnuts, which are bought at very low prices, even though they are not hazelnut producers. Hazelnut Turkey, agricultural products is a product that provides an average of more than $1 billion annually in export foreign exchange income alone. Italian confectionery and chocolate maker Ferrero, taking the nuts are exported at least 30 percent in Turkey" the statements took place.
Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, the photo revealed Turkey's hazelnut. The report begins by drawing attention to the importance of Nuts, which makes about 440 thousand farmers 700 thousand hectares of hazelnut production in Turkey said. Considering the last 16 years' data, Raporda pointed out that the productivity of hazelnut production decreased despite the increase in production areas. In 2002, 560 thousand hectares of land produced 600 thousand tons of hazelnut raporda, 2018, 705 thousand hectares in the field of 550 thousand tons of hazelnut production was noted. According to Rapord, production has decreased in the last 16 years despite the increase of 145 thousand hectares of nursery planting area.
The share of hazelnut exports in herbal product exports is also remarkable. At report, the crop of grain products in the export of products, whereas hazelnut products have been mentioned in the summit of exports. While hazelnut leaves fruit-vegetable products, olive products and tobacco behind in the exports of herbal products, it showed the share of hazelnut in the economy which is the power of 921 million dollars in the exports of hazelnut.


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