Turkey protested persecution in East Turkestan

Turkey protested persecution in East Turkestan
Date: 7.11.2018 13:00

Memur-Sen Confederation, the Human Rights Commission protested China over its persecution on East Turkestan.

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Memur-Sen Confederation, the Human Rights Commission held prior to the meeting regarding the persecution in China descend to the streets in Turkey's 81 provinces condemned the atrocities carried out in East Turkestan in China. Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın, in his assessment, We as the voice of humanity's conscience, are in the presence of East Turkestan, against China and its oppression. We, the honorable members of the human family and the voices of freedom; we will not be silent against genocide, we will not stand back from making voices against China.
Yalcin underlining that China has practiced atrocities against Muslims in East Turkestan. The Chinese idea is holding more than a million people in prisons under the name of the reform. The Chinese communist administration has deployed a Chinese male to the home of every East Turkistani under the name of ini Sister Family ın project and distributes the family unity of the Uighurs. Non-married Uighur girls aged between 16 and 25 were deported to the interior of China. 240 thousand in the first year, the second year of a million Uighur daughter was forced to leave her family factory and fields were workers,'' he criticized.
Yalcin, said in a statement, “China made a genocide in East Turkistan. In doing so, It develops some legitimate political arguments. Already in the modern world all the massacres and atrocities are carried out under this cover, in other words, the theories and political discourses that appear innocent. The Chinese government uses the discourse of, socio-economic reforms m to hide the genocide and oppression in East Turkestan. Under this discourse what is hidden, let's look together. China, which has been shown as a rising dragon, has established a complete slavery under the communist party oligarchy. Therefore, human rights violations have spread all over the country.
Yalçın said that the Chinese government was hiding behind al-Qaeda's speeches in order to legitimize its policies. The picture of reading the Qur'an, the terror education, the act of terrorism and the fasting of the state to the state of East Turkestan, which was declared as a revolt against the state, is the table of shame that China has presented to this century. The spear no longer fits in the sack. We are in the face of East Turkestan as the voice of humanity's conscience, against China and its oppression.


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