Turkish authorities invite Kars co-mayors in for questioning

Turkish authorities invite Kars co-mayors in for questioning
Date: 21.8.2019 15:00

The co-mayors of Turkey’s eastern province of Kars were invited in for questioning by Turkish authorities on Tuesday, one in relation to a terrorism investigation.

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Ayhan Bilgen and Şevin Alaca from the predominantly-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) won a tight race against the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) candidate in Turkey’s local elections on March 31.  
On Monday, Turkey dismissed HDP mayors in three mainly Kurdish provinces in the country’s southeast and replaced them with government trustees. 
Alaca told that the police invited her in for a deposition, but provided no information about the investigation. 
Bilgen said on Twitter that there was an investigation into him for establishing and managing an armed organisation. “If they think of appointing a trustee in Kars,” he added, “I recommend the names that have been allowed to rob the city for years.”


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