Turkish citizens protest Aleppo violence

Turkish citizens protest Aleppo violence
Date: 14.12.2016 13:06

A group of Turkish citizens gathered late Tuesday in front of the Russian embassy to protest attacks on civilian structures in Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo.

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"Last night, the world saw one of the deadliest nights of history," said Ismail Yildiz, chairman of the Union of Educationalist Public Employees. "Last night around 100,000 civilians were trapped in Aleppo in an area of six square kilometers forced by Russia-supported regime forces," he said.
The NGOs, including the Youth Wing of Great Unity Party, TUGVA-Turkey Youth Foundation, Foundation of Erbakan and Dome Association, condemned the "massacre" in Aleppo "by Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime". Yildiz said the situation is so dire that fathers in the besieged city asked religious authorities for permission "to kill their own children so as not to leave them to the hands of the regime forces".
Similar demonstrations were held in Istanbul and London, where protesters, including Turkish nationals, demonstrated outside British Prime Minister Theresa May's office and accused her of indifference to the situation in Aleppo. They called on the government to deliver food aid to the region.
Demonstrators outside the the Russian consulate general chanted, "Murderer Russia/Iran get out of Syria". They carried banners which read: "We are with Aleppo against Russia, Iran, and Assad". Violence has recently escalated in the city as Syrian regime forces advanced into opposition-held parts of eastern Aleppo on Monday following a five-month siege and persistent aerial bombardments.


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