Turkish company develops unmanned mini tank

Turkish company develops unmanned mini tank
Date: 13.2.2017 16:45

The private company ELFATEK announced Monday, a Turkish company based in central Konya province has developed an unmanned mini tank to prevent casualties among security forces.

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According to company head Bahattin Duzgun, the mini tank named ANKEBOT was getting noticed by the Turkish military and Undersecretariat of Defense Industry. The ANKEBOT could help security forces fight against terrorists by intervening in dangerous scenarios from a relatively safe distance of 200 meters.
"This is the first version of ANKEBOT made through our own means. It is specifically made and ready for combat. We spoke with Turkish General Staff and also undersecretary of defense came here to see the ANKEBOT. “We now await news from Undersecretariat of Defense. It managed to impress managers of our security institutes.” Duzgun said.
The mini tank is controlled by a joystick remote control system, which has a battery life of eight hours and capable of cruising six kilometers/hour with a load of 100 kilograms (220 pounds). The ANKEBOT could be used for bomb disposal, fire-fighting, close combat and transport of injured personnel, according to Duzgun.
He added that the product could be equipped with armor, heavy machine gun and thermal vision.


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