Turkish government cuts rent aid for earthquake survivors

Turkish government cuts rent aid for earthquake survivors
Date: 12.6.2024 11:00

The announcement via SMS that the monthly rental support of 5 thousand TL paid to tenants whose houses were destroyed or damaged in the February 6 earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş will be terminated as of June, caused reactions.

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Work in the region continues after the earthquake disaster that occurred on February 6 last year and affected 11 provinces.
The message sent by Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) that the 5,000 TL rental assistance payments given to people living in the earthquake zone will be cut off attracted the reaction of the earthquake victims.
Saadet Party Hatay Deputy Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan underlined that the announcement made via SMS was made at the wrong time.


Stating that citizens will be victimized, Çalışkan stated that the construction of permanent houses will take at least one more year.
"The citizens are still devastated, the houses have not been delivered but the aid is being cut off. For some reason, things done shamelessly are announced in the middle of the night, you should have waited for the morning. With this decision taken by AFAD, thousands of people are faced with great suffering. It is stated that the earthquake victims, whose homes and workplaces were destroyed and became unemployed, will enter an even more difficult period with the termination of rental support, which will cause irreversible wounds in the society," Çalışkan said.


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