Turkish Veterinary Medical Association: "Public health is dying with us"

Turkish Veterinary Medical Association: "Public health is dying with us"
Date: 22.8.2023 10:00

The Turkish Veterinary Medical Association (TVHB) came together in all provinces of Turkey and made a press statement against violence.

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The Ankara leg of the press statement made by the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association (TVHB) all over Turkey was held in Ulus Square.
Speaking in Ankara, TVHB Central Council Chairman Prof. Dr. Murat Arslan pointed out that the violence had been going on for a long time and that it had become unbearable.
Stating that veterinarians perform their duties against many problems, especially problems such as epidemics, food crisis and climate crisis, Arslan stated that veterinarians expect regulation both financially and socially.
"At the top of the measures to be taken in order to eliminate the risks and to get our country through these processes with the least damage, are the life safety and job security of the veterinarians performing these duties, as well as the strengthening of the veterinary authority in the public sector and the return of their personal rights. However, we are lynched, beaten, and moreover, we are killed, and public health dies with us," Arslan said.


Stating that what happened, veterinarians are counted as health workers, Arslan called for the return of veterinarians' rights.
"The process has frightened us veterinarians, weary and now it has come to a standstill. Depreciation, additional indicator, salary improvement, etc., arranged for healthcare workers. veterinarians are excluded and excluded in all personal rights issues and the Law on Violence in Health. Our colleagues leave their profession, which they started with great hopes, and especially our young colleagues are looking for their future abroad. Veterinarians are defined in the Health Services Class in the Civil Servants Law No. 657, necessary action should be taken immediately, and all veterinarians who protect public health with their services in any field of veterinary medicine should be included in the scope of the 'Violence in Health Law'," Arslan added.


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