Turkish woman fights against Hamas on Israeli side

Turkish woman fights against Hamas on Israeli side
Date: 14.9.2018 16:00

The reaction in the social media grew like an avalanche for the Turkish citizen Sabiha İrem Çevik who fought against Hamas by joining the army of Israel. After these incident, the necessity of canceling the double passport agreement with Israel came to the agenda. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to take step on the issue.

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Despite being a Turkish citizen, Sabiha Irem Cevik, killing Muslims in Palestinian territory by participating in Israel's army, has broadcast the treacherous attack of the Israeli army against Gaza in social media account. The need for the cancellation of the double passport agreement with the Zionist Israel following the incident came to the agenda.
The Zionist Israel, which occupies the Palestinian lands, is increasing its attacks on the underbelly of Gaza day by day. Dual passport holders citizens of Turkey who is taking part in the massacre of Jews today. In the attacks against Israel in Gaza, it became clear that Sabiha İrem Çevik, who had double passport, also took place. Sabiha Irem Cevik, who joined the army of the Zionist Israel in 2017, will attack Muslims in the Palestinian territories until July 2019.
Sabiha Irem Cevik, via the social media account during the attack, "Gaza, Hamas operation was launched to clean. Our troops entered 5 km." Cevik, who also made live broadcasts during the operation, was the target of criticism for his attacks on Muslims.
Previously, while many Jewish Turkish citizens were serving in the Israeli army, Sabiha Irem Cevik shows satisfaction with sharing images from social media. Following the reactionary footage, social media took the message that Cevik should be removed out of citizenship and prosecuted for war crimes.
On the other hand, Turkey received in 1993 the Council of Ministers decision No. 4613 made his military service in 12 countries with citizens with dual citizenship status is exempt from military service if they certify that they do military service in foreign countries. These countries include Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France as well as Israel. male Jewish citizens living in Turkey while female Jewish citizens using their rights as compulsory military service by going to Israel. It is very important for the government to cancel the double citizenship law with Israel so that this massacre does not remain silent.


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