Unemployment increases, employment decreases

Unemployment increases, employment decreases
Date: 8.7.2019 16:00

Education-Bir-Sen prepares the report of Turkey on regular training which is published every year, the recent report that explains the higher education system addressed all aspects.

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The report lower employment rate among graduates of higher education, with an emphasis that the high rate of unemployment, "the unemployment rate among university graduates of 2014-2018 years in Turkey rose to 12.4 percent from 10 percent; employment rate decreased from 70.7 percent to 69.6 percent.
Bakış Overview of Higher Education 2019 Birliği prepared by the Union of Educators (Eğitim-Bir-Sen) affiliated to Memur-Sen Confederation; Monitoring and Evaluation ”report sheds light on the problems in the higher education system. The report provides solutions to many issues ranging from unemployment and employment rates to higher education graduates.


The report made in 2014 in Turkey since the unemployment rate increased emphasis on "New trends in higher education graduates aged 15+, unemployment and employment rates in the years 2014-2018 are shown. Accordingly, the unemployment rate of higher education graduates increased from 10 percent to 12.4 percent between 2014 and 2018; employment rate decreased from 70.7 percent to 69.6 percent."


According to the report, which indicates a decrease in the employment rate of higher education graduates between the ages of 25-34 between 2007 and 2017 in OECD countries, "The OECD average decreased from 85.3 percent to 83.8 percent in 2007 and 2017. In Turkey, it fell to 74.6 percent from 78.6 percent. Turkey; Together with Italy, Portugal and Greece, it is one of the countries with the fastest decrease in employment. In addition, Turkey, Greece and Italy are among the countries with the employment rate is the lowest," expression was used.


In the conclusions and recommendations of the report, the steps to be taken are underlined and "Policies should be developed to decrease the unemployment rates of higher education graduates and to increase employment opportunities. Compared with other OECD countries the employment rate in Turkey is lower, while the unemployment rate is high. In fact, the unemployment rate is much higher in the 25-34 age group in Turkey. Effective policies should be developed especially for reducing youth unemployment and increasing their employment."


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