Unity steps on the labor front

Unity steps on the labor front
Date: 29.11.2019 16:00

Eyes were turned to the meeting organized by Istanbul Workers Unions Branches Platform, which was established by Turk-Is, Hak-Is and DISK this weekend.

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The meeting was described as the first steps towards the joint action of the workers' front.
Collective step unseen for years began to arrive for sound trade union movement in Turkey. Türk-İş, Hak-İş and DİSK unions, who recently came together and called for justice in the taxation of the government, established the Istanbul Workers Unions Branches Platform, which was established by the Istanbul branches, and came together with a wide participation at the weekend to seek common solutions to problems.
Speaking to our newspaper, underlining that the common problem of all workers caused by the economy worsening, the unification of a common platform of the labor movement in order to overcome the problems experienced was found in emphasis is needed. Stating that workers should establish such unions as well as bosses' unions, union managers wished their platforms would be the first step.


Nedime Yıldırım, the head of the Health-Business Branch affiliated to Türk-İş, a member of the platform, who expressed that the union movement and workers are struggling with many difficulties in our country, said, "Inflation and unemployment figures are in the middle, educated unemployment is increasing in 25 percent and job killings are increasing. Suicide cases occur due to poverty. These problems are not the problems of all workers, or that of the trade union.."
Branch managers, workplace representatives and workers will attend the meeting, which is expected to be held in Şişli, İstanbul on December 1, 2019 at 13.00. 
The meeting will be held with the main title of Human Life, Not Least, and topics such as Justice in Tax and Problems in the union movement and their solutions will be discussed.


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