University graduates experience major disappointments in Turkey

University graduates experience major disappointments in Turkey
Date: 6.10.2021 15:00

Young people who study and graduate from university with big dreams are greeted with a huge picture of hopelessness and anxiety for the future.

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Universities, which are opened in every province without a plan, serve to increase the number of unemployed with a diploma. According to TURKSTAT's September data, the unemployment rate in higher education was 13.4%. University graduates who can't find a job in their field after graduating from university have to say "I'll do anything" to make a living.
While Turkey's "graduates with diplomas" are gradually becoming a social problem; Young people who “can't find a job in their field of study” are tired, hopeless and unhappy.


Young people who graduated from the university of their dreams as unemployed with a diploma are unhappy and desperate for their future, they have to work wherever they find a job.
Young people told Milli Gazete about their disappointments.
26 years old F.O, "I graduated from Kastamonu University, Department of Journalism. Now I work in the office at the hosiery factory. I prepared for KPSS by working hard in 2018, but it did not happen. I started working because of financial difficulties. I worked in the store. Then I joined another company. I have been working in the factory for 4 years. I meet both family expenses and my book needs for preparation for public personnel selection examination (KPSS). I cannot find a job in my field. There is too much pressure on me. I work hard, I want to be rewarded," he said.


C.U., the Department of Business Administration at Karatekin University, now works as a customs broker after being unemployed for 4 years.
"I am 31 years old. I was unemployed for almost 4 years in total. I had to find a job as soon as possible to cover my expenses. Now I work as a customs broker. So I still don't have a good job," he said.
A.G., who graduated in 2018 and stated that he was unemployed for nearly 3 years, graduated from agricultural engineering. 
"I can't do my own job. In the chapter I read with great ideals, my hopes for the future are destroyed every day. I cannot find a job in the private sector. I entered KPSS 3 times and could not be appointed. Since the staff quota of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was low, I could not be appointed, although I received very high scores," he said.


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